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Common name: Wild Baby's Breath
Scientific name: Galium boreale
Duration: Perennial
Family: Rubiaceae
Habitat: Easily grown on a variety of soils in partial shade, often found on cool, moist, rocky hillsides, prairies swales, and lightly wooded spots
Blooming period: Early summer
Color: Fragrant white flower clusters, dark green foliage with leaves in whorls of four
Height: 1-2'
Planting Time:

While this plant does well in full sun, it prefers the moist soils of shady spots which allow for expansion by the creeping roots and it will also self-seed under these wetter conditions. The white lacy flowers are a nice compliment to the yellows, pinks, purples, and reds of other forbs. Historically, the seeds were ground and used as a coffee substitute and a red dye has been made from the roots of some Galium species.

Galium, from the Greek word gala which means "milk," some Galium species were used to curdle milk.
Boreale, means "Northern" in Latin.
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