posted: Jun 26, 2014

Where have we been?  Enjoying our Palouse native flowers!  Of course enjoying also means work with Mother Nature to produce seeds of these wonderful pollinator-loving plants.

Taperleaf penstemon field next to the Little sunflower field 2014
Last year we planted a new Little Sunflower field (Helianthella uniflora) and a Taper-leaf Penstemon field (Penstemon attenuatus).  The colors of the two fields-bright yellow and glowing blue-purple- looked glorious together.  If one did not smile and see life as good after standing by these fields, nothing will.

The icing on the cake is that the pollinators made the fields hum and vibrate!  Hundreds and thousands of bumble bees, mason bees, bee flies, and more were enjoying the Penstemon and the Little sunflowers.

PEAT Field 2014 close up

We worked along side of the pollinators as we pulled and spot sprayed off-type plants.  This is another word for weeds or any plant out of place!Penstemon Seed

Penstemon seed is very small!  There are approximately 3,000,000 seeds per pound!  Taper-leaf penstemon needs stratification (cool moist conditions) for 90 days for germination.  We plant our fields and pots in the fall and let Mother Nature do the stratifying!

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