Seed packets - $4.50
Inland Northwest wildflowers to mix and match for small landscape projects. Click here to learn about each species and to check for availability.
Bulk Seed
Inland Northwest wildflowers available from 1/4 oz. to pounds. Click here to learn about each species and check for availability
Seed Mixes
Custom seed mixes for your native habitat projects available upon request. Contact Us

Palouse Prairie Field Guide
An Introductory Guide to Native Plants,
Agricultural Crops and Invasive Weeds for the Curious

By Dave M. Skinner, Jacie W. Jensen and Gerry Queener

Dedicated to Dave M Skinner, January 28, 2016

The Field Guide is made as a "carry along with you" book. The spiral binding and pocketable size (4" wide X 8.5" tall) should encourage the curious to include it on even the briefest of walks.

Retail price - $23.95

For a look inside the book and for information on how to purchase it, click here.
Palouse Prairie Field Guide cover image

Clearwater Seed

For Large Restoration Projects

Please contact us for large wildflower seed orders and custom seed mix orders. Native grass and wildflower blends for large projects are available through our partner Clearwater Seed.
Instructions for successful native seed
plantings click here

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